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A good voice technique will give you the opportunity to explore and develop your own voice at its full potential. You will get a clear and sustainable voice throughout life and you will enhance your voice quality.

I have a certification in BiP™-Voice Training (Balance in Phonation) a training method based on older knowledge of the voice but further grounded in new scientific research results.

Using BiP™-Voice Training, the goal is that body, breathing and voice should relate to each other and the work of the subcortical level of the brain should be defined. BiP™-Voice Training relates to the ideas of Alexander technique and uses new discoveries, for instance, what role fascias plays in body connection.

I will strengthen your voice and enhance your body awareness. Your voice and your singing skills will improve, your respiration will be deeper and your muscles more free and resilient.

I offer single voice lessons, courses, masterclasses, lectures and workshops. I welcome all music lover in all genres to my studio!

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